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Dr.Zenni Mother's Toothpaste

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  • South Korea South Korea
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Dr. Zenni Mother's Toothpaste (Fluoride free) 


for women who are preparing for pregnancy, who are currently pregnant, or those who are suffering with weak gum after labor.



ZENITON, ac ompany specialized in oral health established by dentists. Zeniton(Co) is a representative company of Korea specialized in oral health for 'medical treatment for people.

We have tried to make health and safe oral health products that people can use with an easy, by replacing harmful chemical elements with natural one and excluding the elements of which safety is not guaranteed under the core value  of ZENITON "to make products our family can use without worry for safety."



ZENITON conduct research and development based on the core value 'to manufacture products safe for our own family"


  •  63 current dentists participated in the product development

Dr.Zenni Mothers Toothpaste is trustworthy because 63 current dentists conducted the quality test on flavor, smell, color, degree of bubbles, plaque removal ability, and feeling after brushing teeth. 

  • Added certified organic natural ingredients 

Added eucalyptus extract, chamomile extract, sage extract, and aloe vera extract that received organic certification.

  • Approved by the heavy metal and pesticide residue tests.

KOTRI, a certified testing agency for heavy metal and residual insecticides conducted confirmation test for heavy metal(lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury) and residual insecticides. 

  • Hypoallergenic gum toothpaste. 
Adjusted flavor, smell, and bubble(natural surfactant) for pregnant women and women who recently gave birth, and conduced customer satisfaction investigation of the gum condition before pregnancy and care on 564 pregnant women 


  •  NO synthetic additives.
Did not add ingredients toxic to the human body as synthetic surfactant, synthetic perfume, tar color, paraben, triclosan, and artificial sweetener.
  • Opened every ingredient to the public.

ZENITON respects the customer's right to know information regarding the safety of the product.




 Dr.Zenni Toothpaste take charge of people's entire body health as well as oral health by using natural ingredients.



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Dr_Zenni Mother_s Toothpaste

Dr_Zenni Mother_s Toothpaste